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The X-Files - Nothing Lasts Forever

We all need somebody don't we?

Be it a lover, a soulmate, a sister, a daughter, a god or a parabiont.

Wait, what?

As is their style, the X-Files explores the themes of belonging, love and mortality but with their own particular twist.

You say you want to live forever?  

How so?  In the hearts and minds of others?  Through a child.  Your unshakeable faith?  A loving memory?  Or through a physical co-joining where your lust for life is satiated by a parasitic symbiosis.  

You know, something like a vampire would do.

Thus, a fitting end to Barbara Beaumont (Actress Fiona Vroom in a bravura performance) as her vampiric lust led her to feed off of others in her quest for youth, beauty and immortality.

So, it begs the question, what is Scully's motivation?  Surely, she has taken a different path than Ms. Beaumont.

At times this season, Scully has lamented the inexorable toll of time.  She sees the lines in her face.  She's openly mocked as barren by adversaries (Judy in "Plus One&qu…

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