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Orphan Black - Manacled Slim Wrists

"Oh, chicken, no."

Here's Tatiana at her best.  When she plays a character, playing another character or at the very least, playing "at" another character.  In this case, spoofing the poor befuddled Krystal.

Contrast this image with the one of P.T. Westmoreland as the episode drew to a close.

Good grief, he looks like Satan.

This was a pretty fun episode that eventually devolved into the maudlin.  But when the good times rolled they really rolled.  So, let's not get too far ahead and start at the beginning.

A Breath of Fresh Air

I can only imagine Tatiana Maslany insisted Krystal Goderitch get some face time as the series drew to a close.  I can't imagine the rest of the production staff putting up much of a fight.  

"No Krystal, were done with her and she doesn't fit into our plans!"


When the episode opened with Krystal and her pal, Brie, a huge smile went across my face.   It had been a long day and I just needed a break.

Thank you Krystal!

I …

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