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The X-Files - Plus One

Another character study?  Really?
Didn't we get a character study last week with, "This"?  Not that I mind finding out what makes America's foremost paranormal detectives tick.  But, since we already got a look into "a day in the life" of our sleuths last week I thought we'd move on.
Okay, maybe this was a deeper dive.  We did get a heavy dose of Scully's angst.  Mostly dealing with her biological clock and creeping mortality.

Nothing like having a little "dookie" thrown at you to remind you the sands of time are slipping by. 

Episodes like these made me look back at a time when the "freak show" was one of the main components of the series. Back then, we were able to discern personality traits of Mulder and Scully through small glimpses into the lives and by the little things they said or did.

Like the time when Scully swallowed a bug.  It showed us she could be whimsical and spontaneous.  Over time, we could piece together these litt…

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